Student Art Contest

Students, kindergarten through 6th grade, participated in this year’s Elementary Student Art Contest, A Walk in the Park. Richardson has so many wonderful and diverse parks! From urban parks to nature trails to playgrounds, there is something for everyone to enjoy. The winning masterpieces are available to view inside the Eisemann Center Lobby during the festival.

2024 Winners


1st Place                           Kayla Ventura
2nd Place                         Grey Lafitte
3rd Place                          Elias Loera
Honorable Mention       Grant Colbert


1st Grade

1st Place                            Eliana Irrobali
2nd Place                          Judah Rose
3rd Place                           Kinsley Darakhshan
Honorable Mention        Palmer Pendleton


2nd Grade

1st Place                              Waverly Woods
2nd Place                            Brooks Barth
3rd Place                             Leah Ventura
Honorable Mention          Alida Johnson


3rd Grade

1st Place                              Ana Cruz Medina
2nd Place                            Gracelyn Fulbright
3rd Place                             Meredith Snitker
Honorable Mention          Annie Steenken

4th Grade

1st Place                             Sullivan Sok
2nd Place                           Phoebe Lewis
3rd Place                            Emme Bottila
Honorable Mention         Piper Montgomery


5th Grade

1st Place                              Samuel Guta
2nd Place                            Mariam Adam
3rd Place                             Mariam Adam
Honorable Mention          Isabel Stillman


6th Grade

1st Place                              Zoe Dawson
2nd Place                            Olivia Ward
3rd Place                             Eliana Kamal
Honorable Mention          Scarlett DelValle