Student Art Contest

Students, kindergarten through 6th grade, participated in this year’s Elementary Student Art Contest, Fauvist Favorite Animals. Using strong colors and fierce brushwork, winners were selected and awarded ribbons in each age category. The winning masterpieces are available to view inside the Eisemann Center Lobby during the festival.

The following 2022 winners are:


1st Place                             Savannah Dupre, Homeschool
2nd Place                           Meredith Kirkpatrick, Dartmouth
3rd Place                            Alida Johnson, Yale
Honorable Mention         EllaGrace Fortney, Yale


1st Grade

1st Place                             Patrick Brugger, Yale
2nd Place                           Jude Cervantes, Yale
3rd Place                            Olivia Ciafardini, Yale
Honorable Mention         Rosa Lam, Yale


2nd Grade

1st Place                             Ruby Johnson, Bowie
2nd Place                           Elli Page, Bowie
3rd Place                            Gracen Loyd, Bowie
Honorable Mention         Thomas Dickson, Bowie


3rd Grade

1st Place                             Samuel Guta, Terrace
2nd Place                           Kathleen Kol, Springridge
3rd Place                            Madden Millic, Bowie
Honorable Mention         Londyn Howell, Yale

4th Grade

1st Place                             Emily Zaltron, Bowie
2nd Place                           Leala Herndon, Bowie
3rd Place                            Reena Kaushik, Prairie Creek
Honorable Mention         Evelyn West, Bowie


5th Grade

1st Place                            Mattie Phillips, Wallace
2nd Place                           Madeline Beluso, Bowie
3rd Place                            Lucy Frizzell, Yale
Honorable Mention         Samuel Young, Wallace


6th Grade

1st Place                             Adona Bireda, Forestridge
2nd Place                           Liya Alemu, Forestridge
3rd Place                            Miae Valdez, Forestridge
Honorable Mention         Yasriba Qayomy, Forestridge