Artist: Misty-Roze Carnell
2015 Wildflower! Art Guitar Auction

Hundreds of hours have been donated by local artists and organizations in an effort to create a unique piece of art to be auctioned in the 2015 Wildflower! Art Guitar Program & Auction. Electric and acoustic guitars are painted, chopped, molded, airbrushed, layered, built, and completely redesigned at the sole discretion of the artist. The collection annually displays new themes, rocking embellishments, and impressive conversions of the traditional instrument.

This year the donated guitars reflect an extraordinary group of artists and their individual vision of wild, musical masterpieces. See the pictures in the Wildflower! Art Guitar Program & Auction album.

The artist list is as follows: Crystal Elisondo, Misty-Roze Carnell, Gene Champagne, Julie Flandorfer, Kristen Comuzzi, Machelle Mull, Amy Baker, Ricardo Rivera, Ryan Gowland, Michael Shannon, Erin Ferman, Rob Baker, Gina Wooldridge, Charles Claudet, Angie Nations, Laurie Achitson, and Shelley Brownlee. Participating companies are as follows: HiTone Guitars, Jersey Mikes’ Subs, Kid Kraft, iFratelli’s Pizza, City of Richardson Library, Argo Data, Ebby Halliday, NETWORK of Community Ministries, Fossil Group, and Methodist Richardson Medical Center.

The collection of guitars will be on display in The Eisemann Center and the auction ends at 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, May 17, 2015. The auction is open to the public and anyone is eligible to bid on the guitars during the weekend of the Wildflower! Arts & Music Festival being held May 15-17 at Galatyn Park in Richardson, Texas. Once the bidding has ended, winners may pay for their items with cash check, Master Card, Visa, Amex or Discover, and pick up the guitars before the last show has ended. If necessary, the winner may arrange to pick-up the guitar at the Community Events office at 2100 E. Campbell Road, Richardson, Texas after Tuesday May 19th. Please call 972-744-4584 to schedule a pick-up time.

Artist: Crystal Elisondo “Bass to the Bone”

Proceeds of the Wildflower! Art Guitar Program & Auction benefit the NETWORK of Community Ministries and the fine arts programs in the secondary level of the Richardson Independent School District.

The Wildflower! Arts & Music Festival began the Art Guitar Program & Auction in 2003. Over the years it has accumulated awards from the Texas Festivals & Events Association and International Events & Festivals Association with special recognition as the “Best New Fund-Raising Program.” For more information about the program or how to participate in the 2016 Wildflower! Art Guitar Program & Auction, please contact Suzanne Etman, 972-744-4585 or