Wildflower! Arts & Music Festival will host the 2022 Battle of the Bands Qualifier Round on Saturday, April 30. This epic competition features 12 high school bands who will “throw down” on stage and showcase their talents in front of a panel of judges. The Qualifier Round will take place at 7:00 p.m. at Six Springs Tavern in Richardson, Texas.

Past winners include Texas rocker Griffin Holtby with the Fifth Phoenix (2019) and Clio Cadence, formerly the lead singer of pop-rock Dallas-based band, Love Past Blue (2016). Wildflower! provides an opportunity for aspiring young musicians to debut their authentic sounds on a big stage alongside national headliners that draw thousands of fans.

How To Enter

Bands must complete the following steps for entry:

  • Complete the online application at https://wildflowerfestival.com/battle-of-the-bands/
  • Include band members who are between the ages of 14 and 19.
  • Consist of a minimum of three (3) band members, and
  • Include as at least half of their members students who are currently in grades 6-12.

The deadline to apply is April 1, 2022, and all bands selected to perform in the Qualifier Round will be contacted and provided additional information.

Contest Rules

  • No foul language or crude/offensive/vulgar behavior is allowed on stage, in lyrics, off stage or otherwise.
  • Absolutely no moshing is permitted (audience included).
  • Band members are allowed on stage only during their set.
  • A panel of judges will select the winning bands based on musical talent, crowd enthusiasm, the showmanship of band members, the ability to follow contest rules and originality of cover song.
  • All band performances will be videotaped for possible online contest and/or for use by Wildflower! to publicize the contest.
  • Attendance by the band and their fans is not a factor in the judging.


Qualifier Round

A maximum of 12 bands will be selected to perform in the Qualifier Round at Six Springs Tavern. Each band must perform a 15-minute set that includes one  original song and one  cover song of a band in the 2022 Wildflower! line-up. Bands may choose to play the full cover song or a two-minute excerpt adapted to their style or genre.

At their discretion, the judges and producers will choose and announce two to three bands at the Qualifier Round who will compete in the Final Round. They will also  select an additional two to three bands to participate in an online People’s Choice contest for the final slot.

Prize Package

The band winning the Final Round performed live at Wildflower! Arts & Music Festival on May 22, 2022 will receive the following prizes:

  • $500 cash
  • A Saturday night or Sunday set time at Guitars and Growlers.
  • One produced song at Sunland Sound Studio with access to gear and equipment with Dallas producer and guitarist J. Michael Smith.
  • Band strategy session with music industry consultant Brianna Ruelas.

Festival Hours and Location Information

The annual, three-day event will be held at Galatyn Urban Park, located just north of Galatyn Parkway on the east side of U.S. 75 (Central Expressway) in Richardson.

  • Hours for the 2022 festival are:
    • Friday, 6 p.m. – midnight,
    • Saturday, 11 a.m. – midnight, and
    • Sunday, 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Additional details about the Wildflower! Battle of the Bands Contest may be found here: https://wildflowerfestival.com/battle-of-the-bands/. For festival information and to purchase tickets, visit www.wildflowerfestival.com.