Cinema for the Blind is an up-and-coming Dallas based band fronted by songwriting brother-sister duo, Kruz and Blaze Bramlett. The band is young, yet insightful and tuned-in to the world around them. Cinema for the Blind songs will get you dancing, feeling romantic, rebellious, hopeful, empowered and even reminiscent. With their single “She’s Forever” getting radio airplay on dozens of mainstream stations across the country like KLTZ/MIX93 and KLIR 101.1, the band is beginning to get recognized for it’s “major label” potential.  Recently, Cinema for the Blind was one of five bands/artists to be chosen for the new TV show, Rock Family TV.


Kruz and Blaze grew up listening to plenty of classic rock, blues, funk, pop, alt plus many other genres that all feed into and influence their unique vibe. The two have been involved in, and in love with music virtually their whole lives. They began really getting serious early in their school age years. During this time, homeschooling allowed them the luxury of focusing as much time on their craft as possible. Though they love getting out and performing with their band, Kruz and Blaze are aware it’s their innate songwriting ability which ultimately sets them apart. The recording studio is where they love to completely immerse themselves. They even enjoy the more detailed, time consuming work it takes to achieve that 100% sound that really brings a track together.

Kruz and Blaze both started their musical journeys with classical piano. When Kruz was 10 he decided to pursue drumming and was mentored for several years by master percussionist Jose Rossy. Kruz quickly became Jose’s star pupil and the two also became good friends. While drums are Kruz’s main instrument, he often uses the guitar and bass to write new songs.

Blaze was born with a natural gift for harmonies. As a part of her daily regimen, she comes up with her own unique interpretations for just about every current song playing on the radio. In a recent interview, when asked how she handles the transition from being on stage to “normal” life when she’s not working on music, Blaze answered:

“There is no transition. I mean, I can’t remember an age or a time where music wasn’t a part of my every day. That’s all I’ve ever known, so to me that is normal life.”

Kruz and Blaze starting performing as a band in 2012, mostly playing with adult professional musicians. Though within the last year they’ve added new members Mateo Segovia (guitar) and Victoria Arsova (vocals).  The chemistry was instant, and it comes across when you see them perform. Together these four young musicians are charting a fresh, new path in the indie pop music scene.

Cinema For The Blind will compete in the 2018 Wildflower! Battle of the Bands Qualifier Round being held Saturday, April 14th at The Prophet Bar and scheduled to take the stage at 8:15 p.m.  The winners of this round will continue to the finals at the 26th Wildflower! Arts & Music Festival in Galatyn Park in Richardson, Texas.




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